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Ruth Riordan is a full-time professional artist, working out of her art studio in Birdhill, Co Tipperary.

Growing up and settled in the beautiful surroundings of Ballina, Killaloe, Ruth has been passionate about art from a young age and each time she works on a new piece of art it’s like a form of mediation.

Ruth strives to convey a sense of humour, magic, aliveness and presence in her work with her use of soft pastels, ink, acrylic and water colour, allowing her to capture the movement,energy and details of her subject matter. She is very influenced by the natural world, animals, music,poetry and spirituality.


Painting mostly from her imaginary world, she can therefore express herself freely in her creation, this gives her work a fantasy element and great freedom, aliveness and a sense of presence.

Ruth Riordan
Ruth 3.jpg

When people see her work Ruth hopes that it makes them smile and feel happy “it might help them appreciate and see the magic in themselves, nature and others”


Ruth’s work will brighten your day and let you re-enact the mysterious and beauty of the world and nature that often gets overlooked in our fast paced world.

Here I will keep you up to date on all my new works and upcoming collection release dates and gallery and open studio exhibitions.

If you would like to request a commission or reserve or purchase a painting contact me via email on my website.


Ruth Riordan art studios are located in Greenhills, Kilmastulla, Birdhill, Co, Tipperary .Studio visits and viewing available by appointment.

There is beauty and magic to be discovered everywhere.

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